Students gathering outside Behrend Apartments

Behrend Apartments

The Behrend apartment complex, built in 1985-87, consists of nine buildings and houses 288 students. Eligible upperclass students enjoy the benefits of apartment living, conveniently located right on campus.

Each apartment offers two double-occupancy bedrooms, a full bathroom with separate vanity and shower/toilet areas, a living room, and a full kitchen. Laundry facilities are conveniently located in the apartment complex in Packet and Yarnall. Although students living in apartments are not required to purchase the Campus Meal Plan, many take advantage of the plan for the convenience of on-campus dining.

Floor Plan and Photos

Turner Hall was named after Lieutenant Daniel Turner, who commanded the Brig Caledonia. Lieutenant Turner was from Newark, New Jersey, and died February 4, 1850.

Caledonia Hall was named after the third brig in the fleet. Captain Jesse D. Elliott originally captured the brig from the British.

Packet Hall was named after Lieutenant John Packet from Virginia. He was a midshipman and was promoted to lieutenant a few days before the Battle of Lake Erie began. He commanded the clipper-built schooner Ariel. After the battle, Packet served in Erie, where he died from fever.

Ariel Hall was named after the four-gun schooner that was commanded by Lieutenant Packet.

Champlin Hall was named after Sailing Master Stephen Champlin, who commanded the schooner Scorpion. Champlin, from South Kingston, Rhode Island, was a cousin of Commodore Perry. He was later put in charge of the Tigress, and then the Porcupine. After the battle, Champlin lived in Buffalo, New York, and was the last surviving commander from Perry's squadron.

Scorpion Hall was named after the schooner that fired the first and last shots in the battle.

Elliott Hall was named after Captain Jesse D. Elliot, the ranking officer below Commodore Perry. After the battle, Congress decorated Elliott. However, controversy later arose regarding the possibility that Elliott hesitated during battle. The controversy raged for more than thirty years, and is without parallel in American Naval history.

Yarnall Hall was named after Lieutenant John J. Yarnall, the first lieutenant aboard the Lawrence, which was Commodore Perry's original flagship.

Somers Hall was named after the two-gun schooner that was manned by a crew of 30 sailors.