Male student in the dorm.

Break Housing

Closedown/Break Periods

The University has three official academic year break periods: fall break, the break between the fall and spring semesters, and spring break. During these break periods, residence hall buildings close and all residents are required to leave for the entire period. Personal belongings may be left in the room during the break periods. Please refer to Important Dates page to view the actual dates for each break.

Break Access/Holiday Housing

To accommodate students who are unable to travel home during these time periods or who need to stay on campus during the closedown periods, Housing offers a Break Access HFS Contract that includes fall and spring breaks. The Break Access HFS Contract does not include access during the break between fall and spring semesters.

Students who select Break Access will be assigned to either Ohio, Perry, or Senat Halls. Students with a Break Access HFS Contract will not be required to leave the residence hall during fall and spring breaks. During these two break periods, staff will be available in the building to assist with emergencies. Meals are provided in the Break Access contract, though service times and options are limited. Students assigned to Break Access will be charged an additional fee of $375 per semester for this service. No refunds are processed if a student does not stay for all or any part of the closedown periods. The Break Access HFS Contract cannot be canceled.

Break Access/Holiday Housing can be requested either by selecting the option as a preference on the HFS Contract or by contacting the Housing and Food Services Office.