First-Year HFS Contract Exemptions

First-Year Residency Requirement

First-year students are required to reside on campus at Behrend. Unless a student meets one of the below conditions, the expectation is for him or her to reside on campus for the full HFS Contract period.

  1. The student is 21 years or older at the time of his or her initial registration with the University;
  2. The student is married and his or her spouse will be at the University;
  3. The student has actively served in the military prior to his or her admission to the University; 
  4. The student will be living with his or her parent or legal guardian in a permanent residence in a zip code determined by the University to be local.
PA Zip Codes Determined to be Local
16401 16403 16405 16407 16410 16411
16412 16413 16415 16417 16421 16423
16426 16427 16428 16430 16432 16433
16435 16438 16440 16441 16442 16443
16502 16503 16504 16505 16506 16507
16508 16509 16510 16511 16515  
NY Zip Codes Determined to be Local
14710 14724 14736 14757 14767 14775
14781 14787        

Students who are identified through the Admissions process as meeting one of the Housing Exemption criteria are not required to accept an HFS Contract as part of the acceptance process, but if housing is still available, may choose to accept an HFS Contract.

Students who are not identified through the Admissions process as meeting the Housing Exemption criteria will be required to accept an HFS Contract. 

Requesting a Housing Exemption

If students believe they meet one of the criteria, they may request a Housing Exemption by submitting the completed Housing Exemption Form to the Housing and Food Services office.

Exemption Requests are reviewed by a University committee, who meets on a regular basis. The Committee will review the request and a representative will respond to the student via email within 7-10* business days with confirmation or denial of request.

*The 7-10 business days is an estimate; during certain times of the year, the response time may be longer due to the volume of requests. The Committee has a set meeting scheduled, and requests to expedite a review will not be honored. 

An exemption request may only be submitted for the entire academic year; exemptions will not processed in the fall to release a student for the spring semester. 


The student must submit the Housing Exemption Form prior to the deadline indicated, which is based on the student's semester of admittance.  If a student accepts the offer of admission to Penn State after the corresponding deadline, the Housing Exemption Form must be submitted within ten (10) days of the acceptance date. Housing Exemption Forms received after the deadline will not be processed. The student will be obligated financially for room and board charges for the full contract period.  Contract Release Requests to move home with the parent or legal guardian for the spring semester will not be honored. 

Semester of Admittance Submittal Deadline
Summer Session June 1
Fall Semester June 30
Spring Semester December 1

Sponsored International Students

First-year sponsored international students who are interested in a housing exemption must submit the Housing Exemption Form as well as two letters of support for living off campus, one letter from his or her parent or guardian, and one from the sponsoring entity. Exemption requests will only be considered once all three items are received. The student interested in a housing exemption should submit a completed Housing Exemption Form by June 30.  If the student accepts the admission to Penn State after June 30, the Housing Exemption Form must be submitted within ten (10) days of the acceptance date.  Exemption requests will not be accepted after the deadline and the student will be obligated financially for room and board charges for the full contract period.

Future HFS Contracts

A student who has been exempted from the residency requirement will be eligible to participate in the Housing Contract Process for the following academic year. However, there is no guarantee that an HFS Contract offer will be made to the student.