Eco Pads

Penn State Behrend Launches Eco-Pad Project

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This past academic year Penn State Behrend has gotten a little bit greener, while providing something every college student needs: scrap paper. Penn State Behrend Housing and Food Services, partnering with the student group Greener Behrend, launched the Eco-Pad project in the fall as a way to reuse and recycle paper on campus.

Eco-Pads are made of paper found throughout campus that would otherwise go to waste, including outdated flyers, table tents, and informational posters. Housing and Food Services work study students collected the paper and sorted pieces by size, and Greener Behrend sent the sorted paper to a local print shop that cut and glued the pads together. The resulting Eco-Pads, which inherit the designs of the original paper, create beyond-basic tablets of scrap paper.

Over 100 Eco-Pads were created and placed at the information desk in Behrend's student union building, where students could pick them up free of charge.

According to Steve Miller, associate director of Penn State Behrend's Housing and Food Services, Eco-Pads have been a success. "We've gone through several batches of them and plan to continue the program," he says. "As a campus we are always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint, and this project is just one example of the many ways we can reuse and recycle."

Greener Behrend works to develop programs and campus practices that further ecological sustainability within the campus community. The student group has introduced initiatives such as trayless dining, composting food waste from campus eateries, and encouraging students to refill plastic water bottles at Hydration Stations around campus.