Returning Student Housing Options

Upperclass students have many housing options to consider. Review the available housing options and the associated room rates to determine which housing option meets your needs and fits your budget. Room rates for 2020-2021 academic year will be approved by the Board of Trustees in February; yearly rate increases are traditionally between 3-5%.

Housing Option Location(s) # Possible Roommate Requests
Apartment Ariel, Caledonia, Champlin, Elliott, Packet, Scorpion, Somers, Turner, or Yarnall 1
Break Housing Almy, Ohio, or Tigress 0
Honors* Ohio  0
Suite Double Almy, Ohio, Porcupine, SenatTiffany, or Tigress  1
Suite Single Ohio  0
Traditional Singles Lawrence or Niagara  0
Trippe Trippe  1

*must agree to the SLO requirements and terms

When invited to view available housing options, students will see the number of currently available spaces for each option. These numbers will fluctuate as students make their choices, and spaces are added to or subtracted from the total. If a housing option is not shown, all allocated spaces in that option have already been taken. You may choose another option and then add your name to the Waitlist for your first choice.