Trippe Hall exterior

Trippe Hall

Trippe Hall, at four stories with 251 beds, is the newest residence hall at Penn State Behrend. Construction on the $28.4 million residence hall began in December 2016 after years of planning, and the building opened in fall 2018. Trippe is located near Ohio Hall at the southwestern corner of campus and brings a new concept to Penn State Behrend:  the wet core. The design combines the efficiency and lower cost of the traditional hall double room layout but replaces the community bathroom on each wing with a wet core - multiple private bathrooms that each include a toilet and shower, all in the same area on the wing - that offers more privacy for residents.

The building houses both first-year and upper-level students, with most assigned to double-occupancy rooms. Each floor in Trippe Hall offers a large community room, with additional study lounges in each wing of the building. A fully equipped community kitchen is accessible to all residents.

Continuing the Behrend tradition of naming student residences for ships or people connected to the Battle of Lake Erie, Trippe Hall is named for the one-gun sloop that fought a long-range duel with the British ships Lady Prevost and Little Belt.

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diagram of a standard Trippe Hall room


Trippe Hall Room and Furniture Dimensions
  Length Width Height
Bedroom 18' 5" 11' 9' 5"
Door   2' 9" 6' 8"
Window   3' 7" 5' 5"
Wardrobe 2' 3' 6' 6"
Bed 6' 8" 3' Adjustable up to 2'
Mattress 6' 8" 3' 7"
Desk 2' 3' 30"
Microfridge 1' 7" 1' 6" 3' 10"
Desk Chair 1' 7" 1' 6" 2' 7"
Dresser 1' 8" 2' 6" 2' 6"


Special Living Options

A portion of Trippe Hall has a global focus. International students, students majoring in International Business or minoring in Transnational Perspectives, students who have studied or want to study abroad, or any student interested in a global-perspective living environment can join the Global Boarders community. Special programming and educational opportunities is offered through the Black School of Business and its faculty members.


Trippe Hall 3-D Video

Trippe Hall Construction Time Lapse Video